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Plaster and Insulation for a Listed Facade

The gatehouse of a building complex in Braunschweig’s Nord­stadt that is protected as ­a historic ensemble needed an ­energy upgrade by means of an ETICS system. The task at hand was to faithfully recreate the listed facade from the 1930s ­together with the special, historic combed top technology on the plaster surface. The company Keim used an ETICS system of mineral wool with reduced insulation thickness, mineral plaster and mineral paints. As part of the extensive preliminary planning, sample panels were produced, whose surfaces were executed in the desired plastering technique. To realistically imitate the situation on the building, the plaster patterns were made large-format and upright. Thus, the historic model also shows plaster irritations, when particles fall off under the influence of gravity. In the course of the renovation the executing specialist painter firm Gustav Borrmann used a finishing plaster that is easy to structure and yet still has precise lines. Two coats were applied with Keim Sodalit, a sol-silicate based paint manufactured with light-fast inorganic pigments.

Photo: Manufacturer

Photo: Manufacturer

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