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Photovoltaic Roofing by Ernst Schweizer AG

Now Schweizer has launched its own range of photovoltaic modules. The new photovoltaic glass modules called Solrif are produced in Germany. The photovoltaic cells are protected on both sides by glass, which increases the rigidity of the module and also the load limit. In the case of deflection due to high (snow) loads, the cell is subjected to significantly less tensile stress than with conventional glass-foil modules. The new photovoltaic glass/glass modules are available in three widths with 48, 54 and 60 cells respectively. Solrif can also be combined with solar panels for hot-water generation and roof windows. The black modules and frames are optically matched to each other. The lower edge of the module has a frame profile on the back only, allowing rainwater to drain off easily and flush away impurities.
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