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Pentagonal Pattern in Titanium Zinc by VMZinc

This is due to the special grid pattern of the outer shell with an independent joint pattern. Architects Hoffenscher Architekten from Dornbirn have arranged the pentagonal shingles in a geometric pattern, also known as “Cairo pentagonal tiling”. Compared to the vertical or horizontal lines of a classic laying technique, Cairo pentagonal tiling offers significantly greater freedom with respect to the placement and design of the facade openings. These can be set almost arbitrarily without competing with the lines of the outer shell. The tiling is based on a combination of four large tiles to form a single optical unit, with the pentagonal shingles rotated by 90 degrees, so that each of the four elements has a different orientation. The VMZINC shingles are part of a ventilated facade, and have the engraved titanium-zinc Azengar surface. The surface reflects most of the daylight. However, due to the very matt finish of the material, the surroundings are not reflected on the facade.
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Photo: VMZINC and Hoffenscher Architekten

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