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Pedestrian Bridge in the Inner Harbour of Duisburg

Designed as a suspension bridge with end stays, the structure is 3.5 m wide and spans a distance of roughly 73 m. In order not impede shipping, the deck can be raised to a clearance height of 10.6 m above the highest water level. The masts pivot outwards by means of hydraulic cylinders in the staying cables, and the deck, consisting of hinged precast concrete elements, is drawn upwards into an arched form. During this process, which lasts roughly 5 minutes, the walkway is increased in length by additional elements drawn out from the ends. The bridge can be fixed in three positions. The middle position is adequate for the passage of nearly all ships. Pedestrians are allowed to use the bridge only in its unraised state, however.
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DETAIL 8/1999

Bridge Construction

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