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Peace Reminder

In a world full of war and unrest, this tent was created as a token of peace. Designed to be parachuted to earth, it sleeps up to eight persons. A telescopic aluminium tripod supports the outer skin, which is fixed with integral wire stays. The core of the two-storey space is formed by a wet cell – a watertight fabric membrane with washing and cooking facilities. The freshwater tank, filled with air, serves as an impact cushion when the tent falls to earth. The upper section of the tough, waterproof, UV-resistant outer skin can be rolled up on the inside. Pockets in the skin can be filled with sand, earth or snow to provide thermal insulation. Acrylic glass panels allow daylight to enter and afford views out. Energy is supplied by solar cells and wind generators.
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DETAIL 5/1999

Pitched Roof Construction

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