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Patio Houses in Amsterdam

Josep Lluís Mateo’s new housing development at the head of the Borneo Peninsula resembles a luxury liner lying at anchor in the former harbour of Amsterdam. The closed volume comprises narrow terraced houses laid out back-to-back in a scheme with a very high density. Theentire ground floor area is built over. The two upper floors, however, are hollowed out with small private courtyards, gardens and terraces to create a richly varied roofscape. In addition to the architect, the Dutch master planner Adriaan Geuze and the city of Amsterdam, the client-contractor was also involved in the decision-making process. Despite initial differences, the Dutch and Spanish mentalities complemented each other very well. The timber construction company guaranteed precisely worked details and compliance with Dutch regulations, while Mateo contributed an exciting mixture of purism, single-mindedness andsouthern flair.
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DETAIL 3/2002

Konzept Housing

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