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einszueins architektur, Vienna, Residential Project Gleis 21

Participative Planning: Gleis 21 Residential Project in Vienna

Situated on a long parcel of land along Helmut Zilk Park, the building is conceived as a compact block. The ground floor and attic are reserved exclusively for communal uses. The bistro, multipurpose space and media workshop on the ground floor are open to the public and intended to pep up the neighbourhood. But access to the attic, which features a communal kitchen, rooftop garden, library and sauna, is reserved for residents. The workshop, studio and fitness studio in the basement round out the shared spaces.

The apartments are distributed over the four upper levels and are accessed via a spacious gallery with open stairways. This area was planned to function as a communication zone as well. The opposite, southeast-facing side accommodates the private balconies. Thanks to the simple floor plan, which clusters kitchens and bathrooms in the central area, the apartments are of various sizes but have been custom-planned in conjunction with the people who live in them. Inserted flex apartments can be joined onto the adjacent flats to allow for changes to the spaces.

Apart from the social aspects of this building, the Gleis 21 Residential Project Association values sustainable building methods and the use of certified materials. Significant parts of the structure have been built of wood, including the façades and the interior walls of the upper levels. The compact volume, insulated shell and triple-glazed windows will contribute to minimizing energy costs.

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Contractor: Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau GmbH

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