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Parking-Deck Canopy in Linz

High degree of prefabrication: a short film shows impressions of the extremely dense construction process

The structure consists of a steel framework with 15 rectangular fields measuring 11 x 18 m each; they were assembled to a great extent on the ground and hoisted to the exact height. Each field was then suspended from a column by 6 tension rods and 6 compression rods. The membranes arrived on site fashioned in a ring shape; prior to the assembly of the steel construction, the membranes were placed around the columns and were later drawn into place. After they were attached to the steel-frame construction with keder rails, the textile funnels were tightened with threaded rods. PVC-coated polyester fabric was selected for the outermost layer. The inner membrane hides the steel: The shadows cast on the membrane change over the course of a day and only hint at the actual structure’s appearance.

Architects: form,art, Graz

Aufkleben der Folie
Montage des Anfahrschutzes
Abdichtung des Schachtes
Fußpunkt Membran gespannt
Montage der Membranen
Membran unter Eigengewicht
Hochziehen der Membran
Fertigstellung der Einzelfelder
Montage des Randträger
Montage der Träger mit Kran
Montage der Abhängungen
Verpacken der Membran
Montage der Stütze
Ringförmiges Auslegen der Membran
Ausheben der Fundamente
Drei Bestandteile des Fußpunkts vor Baubeginn
Zwei Ankerplatten vor Baubeginn
Abhängungen und Stützen vor Baubeginn
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