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Trisoux Bar, Martino Hutz, München

Parametric Wooden Ceiling: Trisoux Bar by Martino Hutz

The bar occupies the ground and basement floors, both full of nooks and crannies, of an apartment house in the middle of Munich. In order to develop a unified spatial concept from the many little situations, the architect decided to use the ceiling as a continuous, primary design element. The parametrically created motion path gives the bar its unique character. The upper floor is home to the main bar, lounge and parametrically designed ceiling; the basement is used for events and has a smaller bar and sanitary facilities.

In order to make the most of the space in the future, the architects have carried out what is known as a preliminary crowd simulation, which analyses how guests will behave and move in the bar space. The data provided the foundation for the development of the ceiling construction and its curvature.

The ceiling is made of regularly arranged, square batons of spruce set at equal distances to each other. The batons’ play of height will give the various zones of the bar different characters respectively, ranging from open to more intimate. Some of the fittings echo the ceiling construction; for instance, the shelf behind the counter. In certain places, areas of the ceiling reach far downwards and set visual accents. These accents are also created by the lighting elements integrated into individual ceiling batons. Switching on the lights emphasizes the zoning of the bar and determines the ambience of each space. Moreover, the batons have an acoustic effect: they muffle sound and minimize the development of noise.

As both complement and contrast to the light-coloured wood of the ceiling, the dark walls, floors and largely functional fittings, vertical planting elements lend the spaces freshness and vivacity thanks to their green colour. This plant theme is continued in the basement in the form of wallpaper printed with leaf and flower patterns.
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