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Landaburu Borda, Jordi Hidalgo Tané, Guillaume Larraufie

Panorama from the depths: Landaburu Borda dwelling in the Pyrenees

At first glance, the century-old quarrystone house in the Spanish Pyrenees refashioned by Jordi Hidalgo Tané for a befriended entrepreneur and industrial designer does not seem to have changed at all, standing alone at the end of a valley in the north of the province of Navarra, just a good kilometre from the border to France and some 15 kilometres from the Atlantic coast. The interventions have been made behind the red-tinted quarrystone walls of the house – and in the adjacent hillside, where the architect has created a very spacious residential area that can also be used for receptions and company and cultural events. A corridor of frameless glass connects the old building with the annex, which the architect compares with a piece of underground engineering – its form follows the topography of the terrain and its design was largely determined by structural requirements. Yet Hidalgo Tané still managed to open up the interior by inserting a glass front along its entire width for views of the valley, with only a sole, sturdy column in reinforced concrete blocking the panorama. A long strip of skylights provides the rearmost part of the space with natural light.

Exposed concrete, wood and glass are the defining materials in both the annex and in the old building, where undressed stone that has been mainly left exposed is also to be found in the rooms. The location can be rented at for about 2,760 euros for up to eight persons for a week. 

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