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Adrià Goula, Biderbost Photo, José Hevia

Our Readers’ Favourites: The Most Popular DETAIL-online Articles in November

In November, our readers were particularly enthusiastic about the following three contributions which are all located in Spain: An apartment house of Decommissioned Shipping Containers in Barcelona, a co-working space in Bilbao and finally a makeover of a century-old quarrystone house in the Pyrenees.

Ironclad: Apartment House of Decommissioned Shipping Containers

For the Aprop program run by the City of Barcelona, the Catalan studio Straddle3 has collaborated with Jon Begiristain and Yaiza Terré to create twelve temporary flats for people who have become homeless. The architects employed retired shipping containers as an efficient, sustainable building material.

Client: Barcelona City Council, Department of Social Rights
Architecture: Straddle3 mit Jon Begiristain und Yaiza Terré
Structural framework: Jon Begiristain, Ibai Lamarca, Jordi Granada
Location: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc 8-10 (SP)


Kurze Werbepause

Not just for work: Babelstudio’s co-working space

In designing Oslo Cowork, the Spanish architects Babelstudio of Bilbao have created an office that enables co-working and activities in a very small space. A compact timber mezzanine takes advantage of the room’s height to perfect effect. Simplicity of design and attention to detail round off the minimalist interior in befitting manner.

Client: Private
Architecure: Babelstudio
Location: Urgozo Kalea, 8, 48013 Bilbao (SP)

Panorama from the depths: Landaburu Borda dwelling in the Pyrenees

Jordi Hidalgo Tané has altered a century-old quarrystone house for a befriended entrepreneur and industrial designer. An expansive glazed front draws the landscape panorama into the newly-constructed residential and event space that forms part of the makeover.

Client: Gorka Ibargoyen Prieto
Architecture: Jordi Hidalgo Tané, Guillaume Larraufie
Engineering: Julen Lekuona
Location: Kaule Auzoa, 14A, 31780, Navarra (SP)

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