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Photos: Paul Ott, Ossip Architektuurfotografie, Grigoriy Sokolinsky

Our Readers’ Favourites: The Most Popular DETAIL-online Articles in April

In April, our readers were particularly enthusiastic about the following three contributions: A health centre on the outskirts of Graz in Austria, a residential ensemble in a classical homestead typology, in the Dutch community Vught and the resurrection of an industrial harbour in St. Petersburgh.

Embedded in the Landscape: Josefhof Health Centre on the Outskirts of Graz

The Josefhof health facility, which is run by Austria’s institution for public railway and mining employees, is a competence centre for in-patient health promotion and prevention located on the outskirts of Graz. The clinic offers workplace health promotion programs on diverse topics. Dietger Wissounig Architekten have created a health resort that ensures the best possible care.

Client: Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahnen und Bergbau
Architecture: Dietger Wissounig Architekten
Location: Haideggerweg 38, 8044 Graz (AT)

Revisited typology: Villa Vught by Mecanoo

The latest building by Mecanoo is located close to Vught, a town in the Netherlands. The villa is oriented on the traditional homestead typology of the ‘hoeve’, i.e. individual farm buildings loosely grouped around a shared courtyard. The central open space is protected, yet offers views of the surrounding landscape.

Client: private
Architecture: Mecanoo
Location: Vught (NL)

Resurrection of an Industrial Harbour: Sevkabel Port in St. Petersburg

The historical Sevkabel factory occupies more than three hectares of land and enjoys direct access to the water. New buildings have enlarged the ensemble over the years. Now that ropes and cables are no longer manufactured here, the Sevkabel Port has become a pioneering project demonstrating possible developments for the littoral areas of St. Petersburg.

Architecture: AB Chvoya
Location: Kozhevennaya Liniya 40, Sankt-Petersburg (RU)

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