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Cristóbal Palma, Bruno Giliberto, Tomás Rodríguez

Our Favourites: Three Weekend Houses in Chile

We present three wooden weekend houses in Chile – idyllic retreats that have convinced our editorial team in every respect: a project overlooking the ocean, a Tiny House in Navidad, and a weekend house in the dunes of the Pacific coast.

An Exposed Retreat: La Loica and La Tagua, Weekend Cabins in Matanzas

With their weathered wooden shells, the two weekend cabins by Croxatto & Opazo, located in Matanzas on the steep Pacific coast, seem to have been knocked together from flotsam. In fact, the façades and roof cladding consist of former railway ties. Inside, La Loica and La Tagua offer minimal living space for two people respectively.

Client: privat
Architecture: Croxatto & Opazo Arquitectos
Structural engineering: Luis Della Valle
Location: Lagunilla Street, Matanzas, Navidad (CL)

Tiny House for Four Families: Casa El Gauchal in Navidad

In the town of Navidad on Chile’s Pacific coast, the weekend house Casa El Gauchal fits four bedrooms and a living area into a tiny space without seeming cramped in effect. In the interests of the best possible views, the architect Iván Bravo stacked the rooms upwards, and even incorporated a roof terrace and a building-height atrium in the abstract wooden volume.

Client: privat
Architecture: Iván Bravo
Cooperation: Martín Rojas, Gino León
Structural engineering: Pedro Bartolomé
Location: Navidad, O‘Higgins (CL)

Residential Chess by the Pacific: Holiday Home in Morrillos

The Chilean architect Cristián Izquierdo has created a mutable house in the dunes by the Pacific coast. With the aid of wooden shutters extending over the height of the building, the interior spaces along with the patios in front can be completely closed off. The floor plan, set in an 8x8 square grid, provides a living area of 122 m2 and space for up to six persons.

Architecture: Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann
Structural engineering: Cristián Izquierdo mit Osvaldo Peñaloza
Contractor: Danilo Saldibar
Location: Morrillos (CL)


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