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Måns Berg, Maria Pasvantova, Courtesy of COS

Our Favourites: Three Parametric Designs

A parametric sofa made of quartz glass in the Swedish city of Uppsala, the parametrically curved wooden ceiling of a bar in Munich and a parametric grid structure at the Salone del Mobile 2019 in Italy.

Public Sofa Made of Glass-Quartz Composite: Forumtorget by White Arkitekter

Forumtorget Square in Uppsala has gained a parametric sofa designed by White Arkitekter and consisting of 3,500 individual quartz glass elements.

Client: Uppsala Municipality
Architects: White Arkitekter
Location: Forumtorget Square, Uppsala (SE)

Parametric Wooden Ceiling: Trisoux Bar by Martino Hutz

This bar in the heart of Munich’s Glockenbach district features a parametrically designed ceiling installation that creates an inviting atmosphere. The shape of the twice-curved ceiling divides the space into zones with different characters, while the ceiling itself functions as a connective element for the small-scale floor plan.

Client: Trisoux (Ben Bauer, Max Braunmiller, Philipp Fröhlich, Gustav Grossmann)
Architect: Martino Hutz
Location: Müllerstraße 41, 80469 Munich (DE)

Salone del Mobile 2019: Conifera by COS x Mamou-Mani

At the 2019 Salone del Mobile, COS x Mamou-Mani presented "Conifera" – a parametric latticework made of wood and bioplastic and set up at the Palazzo Isimbardi.

Client: COS
Architects: Mamou-Mani
Location: Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte 35, 20122 Milan (IT)

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