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Photos: Tian Fangfang, Chen Hao, Wu Quingsha

Our Favourites: Three noteworthy museum buildings in China

First, we have an Art museum in Jishou, Central China. Then there is the Changjiang Art Museum, surrounded by the skyscrapers of the metropolis Taiyuan and finally the Ucca Dune Art Museum by Open Architecture, almost hidden below the dunes of Qinhuangdao.
All three skillfully stage their exhibits.

Cultural bridge: Art museum in Jishou

Bridges in China have a long tradition not only as   traffic links but also as social gathering places.   This heritage is revived in the design by the architects at Atelier FCJZ for Jishou Art Museum in central China.

Client: Jishou Qiangzhou Historic Town Administration
Architects: Atelier FCJZ
Planning of structural framework: Chang Qiang
Location: Qiangzhou Historic Town, Jishou, Hunan (CN)

Kurze Werbepause

Countering monotony with individuality: Museum building by Vector Architects

Located in the midst of anonymous high-rise complexes, Changjiang Art Museum by Vector Architects acts as a counter to its monotonous urban surroundings. The architects have packed a piece of contemporary history into the compact brick building, using design finesse to create a cultural facility that commemorates past times in the fast-paced city.

Bauherr: Shanxi Qiandu Real Estate Development
Client: Shanxi Qiandu Real Estate Development
Architect: Vector Architects
Location: No.89, Kaixuan Road, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan, Shanxi (CN)

Cell structure below the sand: UCCA Dune Art Museum by Open Architecture

Organic cell structures expand as exhibition spaces under Bohay Bay. The UCCA Dune Art Museum by Open Architecture opens its underground passages between sand and sea.

Client: Aranya
Architects: OPEN Architecture
Location: Qinhuangdao (CN)

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