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Photos: David Grandorge, Eric Petschek, Gui Rebelo

Our Favourites: Three projects made of cork

With their extraordinary material they attract everyone’s attention: The roofs of the residential project "Cork House" in Great Britain, the wall design of a soap boutique in New York and the façade of a single-family house in Berlin.

One material, five pyramids: Cork House by Matthew Barnett Howland

With 1.268 interlocking cork blocks Matthew Barnett Howland imagines what sustainability can mean in future housing construction.

Architecture: Matthew Barnett Howland mit Dido Milne und Oliver Wilton
Location: Eton, Berkshire (UK)

Dramatic Alignments: Soap Boutique in New York

Portuguese models served as inspiration in the shop design for soap manufacturer Claus Porto. In a tiny room, Tacklebox Architecture have created a dramatically aligned space-within-a-space structure in Manhattan’s Nolita district.

Client: Claus Porto
Architecture: Tacklebox Architecture, New York
Location: 230 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012 (US)

Origami Made of Cork: Korkenzieher Haus [Engl. Corkscrew House] by Rundzwei Architekten

Cubature and façade - these two characteristics are the first to stand out when visitors espy the Corkscrew House designed by Rundzwei Architekten in Berlin-Staaken. What’s more, the house is a true spatial wonder built almost exclusively of natural materials.

Client: privat
Architecture: Rundzwei Architekten
Location: Berlin-Staaken (DE)

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