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Photo: ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzman & Rocio Romero)

Ornamental pattern: Shoe Shop in Barcelona

Shoes set the benchmark for the modular, uniformly applied design principle. Standard-sized semi-circular ceramic elements that stretch in straight lines across the walls creating a memorable decorative pattern. They serve at once as wall panelling, display niches for the individual shoe models or as a horizontally structured room divider.

At only 1.7 cm thick and about 44 cm wide the ceramic module pushes the boundaries of the material in its final iteration. On its underside a tapered extension measuring approximately 2 x 4 cm slides into a wall-mounted u-channel of the same shape. The elements are fixed in uninterrupted rows from wall to wall so are stabilised and require no additional securing. Magnetically mounted light rails with LED spots ensure uniform illumination, while selective omissions of the modules create spaces for larger items such as boots or bags.

At the rear of the shop, the simple structural principle used elsewhere is cleverly varied. Here the elements are halved into quarter circles and turned 90° to form an elongated bench that connects to a cash register area.


Further information:

Project team:
Jaime Fernandez Calvache, Nicola Maniero, Ludovica Cirillo, Kimio Suzuki
General contractor: Norden GSE
Lighting design: Viabizzuno
Ceramics: Cerámica Cumella 

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