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Orgatec 2016

ORGATEC – New visions of work

Design solutions for the new way of working
Nowadays, the office is everywhere: in the car, in the train, at home and in the garden. Life and work flow into each other. This trend can be criticised, but one thing it cannot be is ignored. What can and can't be done with technology increasingly determines our work lives. We are always online and contactable everywhere. New solutions, unusual ideas and innovative products are called for. ORGATEC, which takes place in Cologne from 25 to 29 October 2016, takes up this challenge. Long gone are the days when just desks, filing systems etc. were presented at the leading international trade fair for the modern working world. It is much more to do with work culture, work processes and work environments. And on a 260-square metre, specially dedicated area, design solutions will be presented on the subject of the kitchen and outside areas.

Under the banner "Design meets movement", two extraordinary outdoor solutions for working in the open air await visitors to ORGATEC. The aim is to merge aesthetic design with ergonomic functionality. The trade fair is being supported in this endeavour by Linak, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of linear actuator systems for various applications in the hospital and care sector, the furniture industry and in the industrial sector. "It's not about us showing Linak products here: it's exclusively about design ideas", explains Nina Ramberg Mortensen, Corporate Marketing Coordinator at Linak A/S in Denmark and responsible for this special event at ORGATEC 2016 in Cologne.

On show will be clever design solutions from Scandinavia, such as ideas and solutions on the topic "Outdoor". The title of the exhibition – "Design meets movement" – is based on a collaboration with the University of Wuppertal for ORGATEC 2014, when, under the same banner, young design students looked for solutions for the workplace of the future. The results of the Europe-wide contest were then presented at the fair.

The 2016 edition of ORGATEC also aims to think beyond conventional solutions and be inspired by new ideas. "I'm sure that quite a few visitors will be really surprised at the objects on show at the 'Design meets movement' stand", promises Nina Ramberg Mortensen. "The interplay between ergonomically adjustable furniture and modern design, viewed in the context of the shift to the outdoors", might best describe the idea behind the "Design meets movement" special event. The stand can be found on the Boulevard between Halls 10 and 11.

ORGATEC 2016 presents "The Smart Co-working Lobby"
The special dedicated Smart Working Space area showcases the future of the modern workspace with "The Smart Co-working Lobby". Co-working spaces are a new workspace concept that is developing on a global scale with incredible dynamism - workspaces which owe their success to digitalisation and, above all, set the scene for working generations to come. This development has gained rapid momentum over the last couple of years. The real estate industry cannot keep pace; instead of developing new office blocks, solutions for the conversion of existing office buildings are needed in order to meet the new requirements. An example of a layout can be viewed at the specially designed area named "The Smart Co-working Lobby" in Hall 9 at ORGATEC from 25-29 October 2016.

The "Smart Co-working Lobby" concept details a module that will be at the core of the modern office block, thus facilitating co-working in existing buildings. On this basis, co-working can be incorporated relatively quickly and economically. The prototype will be showcased in all aspects of its effectiveness at ORGATEC. The curator of this specially designed area is Michael O. Schmutzer who, as Managing Director of Design Offices, has turned "New Work" into a remarkable success story. He is convinced that the future of work can materialise much sooner with the "Co-Working Lobby", as exhibited at ORGATEC: "New Work means thinking and working fast and in a solution-oriented and meaningful way. With 'The Smart Co-working Lobby', we are paving the way for the economy into the digital future.

In line with ORGATEC's motto, "New visions of work - creativity works", Schmutzer believes that it is important to do more than just come up with theoretic ideas. Instead, he created "The Smart Co-working Lobby", a model that makes sense economically, shows sustainability and wholly meets the demands of the new world of work. His aim is to make "New Work" available as fast and effectively as possible to all those who have realised that the new way of working is unlikely to be achieved if the work environment is unsuitable: "New work is not just pie in the sky; it is an economically successful reality. The key to the future lies in creating space for such a reality, in which a new way of working can unfold", says Schmutzer.

"The Smart Co-working Lobby" was developed in co-operation with the renowned interior design office, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture (b-k-i), Cologne and Hamburg.

Practicability is paramount
All the details showcased at ORGATEC 2016 have been tried and tested and are based on a blueprint containing innumerous possibilities of variation, according to the core idea for the module. Together, they result in a model that could be referred to as the "perfect working environment" for meeting the challenges of digital transformation, allowing the focus - in both functional and emotional terms - to be on inspirational and creative thinking and working. Sophisticated environments and customisable elements are combined with functional interior design and a good knowledge of organisation and work processes.

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