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Housing Development, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Stefan Müller-Naumann

Organised in Rows: Housing Development in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Erected by what is known as a building group, the houses draw on local building traditions. The architects used typical elements of Alpine houses such as shallow pitched roofs and, at the gable ends, loggias under widely projecting roofs. Two house types of different widths arranged in shorter and longer rows enclose an elongated communal garden laid out above the underground garage. To the south a hotel closes the district off from the main road.

For the building group the architects developed a versatile basic floor plan that was adapted individually to suit the requirements of different clients. All options are possible: from open, loft-style living to simple division into separate rooms, while separate granny flats can also be made. The narrow type reflects the typical single-family house with three floor levels, whereas the wide house type can be divided vertically into a pair of houses, or separated horizontally into two apartments, one above the other.

Apart from the basement, the houses were built in wood panel construction using pre­fabricated cross laminated timber elements. They line the spaces inside, giving the rooms a warm and friendly atmosphere. Large areas of glazing at both gable ends allow plenty of light to enter, while also offering views of the surrounding mountains.

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