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Silo, Kopenhagen, COBE

Once a granary, today luxury apartments: The Silo in Copenhagen

This transformation was far from simple.  Firstly all the openings had to be cut out of the thick, entirely solid concrete walls. Internally there were hardly any floor slabs, these were later inserted. Despite the numerous interventions made in the 50-year-old grain storehouse the raw aesthetic of the rough concrete surfaces in the building’s interior has been retained.

Dan Stubbergaard, founder of COBE, describes it as follows: “We wanted to preserve the spirit of the silo as far as possible, its monolithic exterior as well the majestic concrete interior. That’s why we fitted a shell of galvanised steel over it, which will develop a patina in the course of time. The building’s roughness and raw beauty reflect the character of the port and evoke the industrial past.”

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DETAIL 5/2018
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