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Photo: Iwan Baan

Office in the Garden: Second Home Coworking Campus in Hollywood

Second Home Hollywood is located in northeast Los Angeles. The existing neo-colonial building designed by Paul Williams in the 1960s has become the new heart of the coworking campus with the entrance, communal areas such as a café, bar, restaurant, event hall and relaxation zones.

Distributed over two storeys, more than 500 workspaces surround the planted inner courtyard. These spaces are also lushly planted and adorned with colourful highlights. Along with the amorphous interior design, they have become one of Second Home’s trademarks.

The second building has made way for an enormous garden. Rather than bringing plants into the office, here the architects have taken the work stations of the coworking space outside into the green. They have set 60 oval, cell-like pavilions into a dense jungle landscape. These pavilions are completely glazed all the way around and connected by a network of paths. The bungalows, which come in various shapes and sizes, feature sunny, yellow roofs that flash out from behind the trees and plants.

The pavilions serve as offices and meeting rooms. Around a central table, more work spaces nestle against the curved panoramic windows. With a view to the outdoors, workers feel as if they were actually there. In conjunction with the wraparound windows, the greenery provides not only a working atmosphere that is close to nature, but also ensures fresh air and sufficient shade in the offices. The garden is watered via two cisterns.

Second Home Hollywood, along with its coworking areas, has created living space for fauna and flora in the heart of the American metropolis.

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