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facade, ceramic, library, Dornbirn, Moeding, Stefan Müller-Naumann

New Library Building in Dornbirn

The City Library in Dornbirn, Austria, by Christian Schmoelz and Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten was completed in 2019. The new building, the winning joint entry of the design competition, has a total floor space ­of 1170 m2 and thus enough room for almost 50,000 media items, distributed across three levels. The central space of the library is the 2-storey foyer, which is lit from above. The information and lending area is located on the ground floor. The library is built as a free-form pavilion consisting of four connected parabolas in reinforced concrete construction ­­­with a double-shell facade. ­

The inner facade layer consists ­of floor-to-ceiling wood-aluminium windows mounted in compartments. The outer shell is ­constructed from 7714 individual 120 × 60 cm ceramic baguettes from Moeding. These are mounted on a steel substructure and tilted vertically and diagonally. As shade providers, they also reduce the energy demand. The elongated format and the vertical and oblique arrangement of the ceramic elements, as well as their off-white and parchment-like structure, evoke associations with books, letters and numbers.

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facade, ceramic, library, Dornbirn, Moeding, Stefan Müller-Naumann

Photo: Stefan Müller-Naumann

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