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Multifunctional Bench by Include

At first glance, the Steora bench, which is supplied with solar energy, looks very simple. However, it has numerous features, depending on the model. Integrated sensors collect data such as the number of bench users, the functionality of all the bench components and the environmental conditions. The most important feature for the user is the wireless charging station and the USB ports for charging smartphones. Steora Standard is completely solar powered and requires no additional power supply. A specially developed controller generates 30 % more output power.
Steora Hybrid can also be charged via the 230V mains supply. The mains supply is used for bridging on overcast days. When the battery level is below 30 %, the hybrid module switches on and charges the battery system. The special feature of Steora Urban is a 19-inch screen, on which videos, pictures or texts can be displayed. Steora CCTV is equipped with 4 cameras, one on each side, which generate 360° live streaming. The cameras also take night shots with an integrated infrared light. Steora E is the only bench without photovoltaic modules. The elegant design is achieved with a black Plexiglas disc as a seat that incorporates an integrated wireless charger. The brain of the intelligent bench is the dashboard.

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Outside facilities, Solar bench, Include, wireless charging, usb ports for charging

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