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Off-White Flagship Store, Paris, Photo: Benoit Florençon

Multifaceted Identities for Fashion: Off-White Flagship Store in Paris

The flagship store extends over three storeys and features an inner courtyard, a gallery and a market in a corner building from the 19th century. Dutch architect Ellen van Loon has reinterpreted iconic architectural elements of Parisian inner courtyards and flea markets, and the city asserts its presence inside the shop.

The main entrance to the shop − a semicircular anteroom of corrugated glass − is situated beneath the arches of the Rue de Castiglione, where it leads to the heart of the ground floor: a reinterpretation of a typical Parisian courtyard, where the ladies’ collection is presented. The walls and floors are covered with white travertine and framed by arches inspired by the arcades of the street. The entrance on Rue du Mont Thabor leads into the shop, which looks completely different. Light-blue walls and black terrazzo flooring, complemented with free-standing furnishings designed by AMO, display the brand partnerships of Off-White.

The multifaceted identity of the shop is further accentuated by the design of the upper levels. The intimate atmosphere of the mezzanine, which features a low ceiling and small windows, imbues a space inspired by the aesthetics of a gift shop. It is home to the children’s collection, household goods and a display wall. On the second upper storey, where the men’s collection is accommodated, the high ceiling and large windows facing the city create a bright, clear space that can easily be adapted for concerts and exhibitions. A folding box clad with red Sottsass veneer conceals the bar and employee rooms. Free-standing display elements designed by AMO − metal clothing racks, wooden tables and shelving systems of white travertine − adorn the floor area; these are reminiscent of Parisian flea markets. Contrast-rich combinations of textures and colours underscore the repertoire of moods in the shop and create an abstract reinterpretation of Paris itself. 

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