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Multi-Split Air Conditioners

Panasonic now uses the environmentally-friendly refrigerant R32 for its Multi-Split air-conditioning systems, and has converted its entire range of room air conditioners accordingly. The new refrigerant also saves money, as the systems require approx. 30 % less refrigerant and operate more efficiently than systems with the R410A refrigerant. This and other small improvements have enabled the new Multi-Split generation to achieve energy efficiency class A+++ in cooling mode and energy efficiency class A++ in heating mode.

Outdoor modules are available, to which up to five indoor units can be connected. The large number of different indoor units allows flexibility as regards planning and installation. The range extends from Panasonic’s premium Etherea indoor unit with air cleaning and Econavi system and the TZ and TE wall units, to the cassette and duct inner and floor-standing units. The indoor units can be controlled independently of each other. If a room does not require air conditioning, the corresponding devices are simply switched off.

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