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Alfondac, Aixopluc, Modular Living

Modular Living Lab by Aixopluc

Alfondac − the name of the project − derives from the Arabic word al-fondaq, which denotes a place offering both warehouse space and overnight accommodations for travellers. Over 55 m2, the team surrounding David Tapias has created various spatial modules that address fascinating themes such as unused empty buildings and the gentrification that is associated with them. The space is subject to constant change and reveals solutions that can be flexibly realized in diverse locations.

The distribution of the apartments is straightforward, yet sophisticated. Certain areas have been set into the tall space in the form of a simple plug-in system. All the installations, cables and constructive elements of the existing building are openly visible, giving Alfondac its incomparable charm. The built-ins are of unclad materials such as plywood panelling and terrazzo, leave a small ecological footprint and can easily be set up by users themselves.

The fundamental project is based on a 2-in-1 concept. This concept recombines functions that are generally separate in an apartment, which opens up previously unimagined potential. The module in the rear of the lab for living takes up both the wetroom and the kitchen. When needed, the two zones can be delimited by means of sliding doors. The planners have integrated two sinks that can be used flexibly either for brushing teeth or washing up. Because of this, the minimal space offers its inhabitants maximum possibilities for use. A further module forms a little house − placed at the centre of the space − where living and sleeping take place side by side. A patterned tile floor adds a bit of colour to Alfondac. Occasional supports and other details in orange and muted green provide subtle accents as well.

The compact apartment demonstrates how, without complicated renovation work or a large budget, existing buildings can quickly and easily be given a new lease of life in order to make them accessible to the general public. The project focuses on a sustainable vision to revolutionize the profit-oriented construction sector. Like a true-to-scale architectural model, Alfondac invites guests to try it out, thereby constantly changing and improving itself along the way.

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Team: David Tapias, Ricard Pau
Holzeinbauten: Rels i Timberlab
Küche, Bad: Huguet


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DETAIL 3/2021

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