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Modular Construction Suitable for Children

The company Kleusberg, which specialises in modular construction, together with ­architects, engineers and tradesmen has implemented a child daycare facility in Neunkirchen Seelscheid in which an environment appropriate for children is ensured through various factors. These factors include light strips integrated in the roof, through which it was possible to more than double the daylight quotient in the group rooms, the multi­purpose room, and in the corridor area. Through the arrangement of the roof windows it was possible to more uniformly illuminate the rooms, and at the same time plan the ventilation and the sun protection. Their functions are linked to the room climate control system. Sensors in each room detect the current temperature, humidity and the CO2 content of the indoor air. Nevertheless, if predefined limit values are exceeded and during presence mode the casements or the sun protection open automatically; nevertheless ­manual control on the part of the educators is possible. Moreover, pollutant-flee building materials, pleasantly designed surfaces or finger-trap protection elements enhance the primary use.
Kleusberg, Kinder, Modulbauweise

Photo: Manufacturer

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