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Millenium Dome in London

As part of the programme for the millennium celebrations, a contaminated gasworks site, which had been unused for 20 years, was rehabilitated to accommodate this huge domed tent – the largest membrane structure in the world, with a diameter of 365 m and a height of 50 m. After the New Year’s party held there at the beginning of 2000, the dome was converted into a theme park with a number of pavilions designed by British architects. The pavilions are laid out in a circle and contain various exhibitions. At the centre of the tent is an arena for dance and acrobatic performances. In January 2001, the dome will be taken over by a new concern that will present other attractions. The estimated life of the structure isat least 25 years. (cf. pp. 1040 ff.)
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DETAIL 6/2000

Membrane Construction

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