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Waterfrom Design, Interior Design, Shenzhen, China

Menu with a view: Restaurant in Shenzhen

Waterfrom Design created a stage-like atmosphere spanning two levels that dramatizes the entire process from preparing the menu to serving the meal to enjoying it. This process is made visible from a multitude of perspectives, all of which are a suitable backdrop for selfies. “People desire the feedback that they receive as soon as they share real experiences on virtual platforms”, Nic Lee explains, chief designer of Waterfrom. The mutually immersive character of both realms of life and the resulting ambivalent relationship between closeness and distance are the Leitmotif for the design of the Doko Bar.

With its completely glazed longitudinal facades, the restaurant interior faces the street along the front and the shopping arcade towards the back. Set back from the facade by one metre, a curtain encircles both levels from top to bottom, obscuring the view. More than 10,000 reflective nylon strings create a space within the space and provide the activity inside the restaurant with a strange, otherworldly feeling. Only the integrated window openings made of brushed stainless steel and a cube con­sisting of bronze-coloured coated sheet steel that intersects the space guarantee unobstructed views. Users can traverse the intermediary zone and hunt for the best photo motif. Nodes emit clouds of vapour that heighten the unreal quality of this scene.

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Team: Nic Lee, Elvin Ke, Richard Lin, Joe Dai
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DETAIL 9/2021

Concept: Sports Facilities

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