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Verkehrspolizeiinspektion Aschaffenburg, Bez+Kock Architekten, Foto: bild_raum

Making One from Two: Traffic Police Station in Aschaffenburg

The new building is a sleek structure measuring 64 x 16.5 m; its longitudinal façade runs parallel to the autobahn. As the plot slopes down to the north, the building seems to have dug itself into the earth and even has two different entrance levels. The ground floor can be seen only from the north, where it opens onto an inner courtyard likewise invisible from outside. The traffic police station spans this yard with a small adjacent volume containing the emergency power station and carports.

While the ground floor is in dark grey and recedes into the background, the two upper storeys are clad with prefab sandwich elements of reinforced concrete. The rectangular panels present an interesting relief on the faces of the building. Each one inclines towards the middle, giving a subtle vivacity to the otherwise simple new building. The light-coloured façades are interrupted by bands of windows which are slightly offset inwards. Combined with the slurry-coloured interstitial pieces, they accentuate the organization of the structure into storeys.

Programmatically as well, the lowest level stands out from the rest of the building. It is home to garages, workshops, holding rooms, technical areas and storage. The main entrance is accessed from the west one floor up. In this area, the upper storey juts over the ground floor, creating a sheltered arrival area. The building has been conceived in such a way that the offices are arranged along its longitudinal façades. The front side houses larger spaces for meetings and training sessions.

The end of the building is formed by the central access core, which encompasses the wetrooms and the large, imposing stairway. In order to ensure the best possible illumination, this area features five skylights.

Emphasizing the light-flooded character of the building, the entire station gleams in bright white. All the interior surfaces, from the crushed-limestone walls to the balustrades to the door panels, present themselves in white, providing a neutral atmosphere for police work.

Bez + Kock Architekten have rounded out this project with a well-considered energy concept. The high-grade insulation, an air-water heat pump and solar panels mean that this traffic police station is intelligently self-sufficient.
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