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Apple Store, Singapur, Marina Bay

Light Show on Marina Bay: Apple Store in Singapore

Like a large drop of water, the new Apple showroom shines on Marina Bay, just in front of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its rooftop garden which juts 65 unsupported metres. The glistening Apple construction on the water is connected underground to the shopping mall of the Marina Bay Sands complex. The main access from the mall leads through a long, rectangular salesroom beneath the surface of the water, along rows of wooden tables displaying Apple products. At the end of this introverted, rectilinear entrance, an escalator ascends to the light-flooded, dome-like pavilion. This was erected as a steel skeleton construction with a fully glazed façade. 114 load-bearing glass segments reinforce the steel supports. The circular plan has a diameter of 30 m and an area of around 708 m2. This is where the presentation tables have been arranged along the lateral glass façades and in a star shape facing the central access opening. All around, there is a clear view of the bay and the spectacular buildings of the new Marina Bay district, which was developed on land reclaimed from the sea and has become a showpiece of the new Singapore.

Integrated Sun Protection
In the tropics, glass façades require particular protection from the midday sun, which shines from directly overhead. The dome-like Apple structure is characterized by its bespoke sun-protection system. Ring-shaped sunshade lamellae have been integrated into the steel skeleton construction above eye level. The horizontal positioning of these lamellae provides protection from the tropical sun at midday, while the weaker suns at morning and evening can shine in. A sound-absorbing material surrounds the concentric steel-sheeting lamella rings in order to control the acoustics. Towards the top of the dome, the intervals between the lamellae decrease, as does their radius. At the apex of the dome, a semi-opaque oculus bundles a beam of light that moves through the space with the course of the sun, creating an interplay of light and shade.

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