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Kistefos Museum, Oslo, BIG

Let’s twist again: Kistefos Museum near Oslo by BIG

Kistefos Museum, Oslo, BIG

Kistefos wood pulp factory was built in 1889 at Randselva river, 40 kilometres from Oslo to the south. A good 100 years later a descendent of the company’s founder transformed it into an industrial heritage museum and established a sculpture park on the grounds at the two sides of the river. Artworks by Anish Kapoor,Tony Cragg, Jeppe Hein and other contemporary artists are to be seen in the park, and now also for about a year in BIG’s new “living bridge” museum building spanning the river over a distance of 60 metres.

Thanks to the 90 degree twist at its midway point, the 1,000-square-metre bridge museum is also able to overcome the slight difference in height between the two river banks. The 40-centimetre-wide panels of aluminium siding on its outer skin likewise fan out, much like a deck of cards spun around a central point, while the configuration is repeated in the interior by panels of white-painted Douglas fir. In other words, both the steel supporting structure and the cladding of the doubly-curved bridge were created using straight elements only. The supporting structure with its highly complex shaping in the middle section was completely designed and calculated at a 3D model, thus allowing the planners to generate workshop plans and parts lists for the steelwork as well as reinforcement drawings for the concrete components. For the planning of the interior finishing work, a second 3D model was created by using a laser scanner to capture the shapes of the already completed steelwork, thus making it possible to take any dimensional discrepancies in the execution of the steel structure into consideration.

Further information:

Landscape architecture: BIG, Grindaker
TGA-planning: Max Fordham, Erichsen&Horgen, Rambøll
Contracting business: Bladt Industries

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Kistefos Museum, Oslo, BIG

Let’s twist again: Kistefos Museum near Oslo by BIG

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