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Lasita Maja Cabin contest

Lasita Maja Cabin contest

The aim of the design contest is to find innovative concepts for small-scale modular log or wooden cabins that could be produced in collaboration with architects. We are looking for implementable architectural solutions for Lasita product line – a series of small prefabricated cabins for private users with one or several combined functions, such as a traditional garden-house for storing tools, sauna, guest-house etc. The purpose of the contest is also to raise awareness among architects about modern prefab technologies, help find new contacts, collaboration partners and increase the export of prefab cabin manufacturers.

The winners of the design contest will be offered a chance for long-term collaboration to develop series of modular prefabricated cabins.

Comment from the architect and jury member Sille Pihlak: “The lumber industry plays an important role in our economy in terms of its workforce, machinery and production capacity. Log cabins that have not been designed by architects or any kind of wooden substance that we export and that has not been “touched” by designers retreats to nothing more than just being raw material. If the real estate developers and lumber industry regarded architects (and designers) as their everyday partners, the value of the initial stock would increase and the much needed innovation would come by in more than one sector of economy. This can be easily achieved by combining the professionalism of our architects and industries with the knowledge of local resources.

The present contest is a search for talents who would - in collaboration with industries who use local materials - add value to their production. This kind of product development allows us to achieve more and  compete on both local and international markets.”
Participants can register at
The deadline for submitting the design proposals is February 7, 2017 and the winners will be announced within a month.
The prize money of 8500 EUR will be divided as follows:
1st prize – 3000€
2nd prize – 2500€
3rd prize – 2000€
2 honourable mentions each 500€.
Additional information: Tiit Sild, CEO fo, Mob: +372 55 601 425 E-mail:  

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