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Interactive Spatial, Installation, Lumen, Jenny Sabin Studio

Interactive Spatial Installation: Lumen by Jenny Sabin Studio

A structure of woven fibres spans the inner courtyard of MoMA’s PS1 in the borough of Queens. The Lumen project, designed by Jenny Sabin Studio, forms the backdrop for the 20th WarmUp Summer Series, an outdoor music event. The temporary open-air installation can be seen there in July and August. Of all the participants in the renowned Young Architects Program 2017, it was the team from Jenny Sabin Studio that prevailed.

A larger-than-life, woven net structure forms a covering for the open space. The space beneath is characterized by the hanging, permeable pipe-like forms. One hundred woven stools, made of recycled materials with the help of robotics, are distributed throughout the space. A misting machine creates a refreshing climate inside the installation. The complete structure of Lumen consists of reactive textiles that show subtle colour in sunlight and give off a glowing light after sundown. The construction accounts for various environmental factors such as visitor density, heat and insolation; it then changes accordingly. The fabric is photoluminescent, responds to body proximity and can correspondingly exude coolness or warmth.

The concept behind Lumen includes findings from biology, materials research, mathematics and engineering. The resulting structure unites its reactive surface with human interaction, the environment and geometry. In particular, the factors of sustainability, recycling and social meaning were decisive for the jury in this competition. In the installation, visitors take on an active role. They experience and influence the changes by means of light ambience, temperature and movement inside the permeable structure of Lumen.

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Further information:Client: MoMa PS1 Architect: Jenny Sabin Studio (Jenny E. Sabin) Construction: Clayton Binkley & Kristen Strobel, Arup Garnment design: Shima Seiki WHOLEGARMENT (Tom Shintak) Ligth design: Focus Lighting (Juan Pablo Lira and Hilary Manners) Sewing and final processing: Dazian (Wade Wesson & Christine Garcia) Location: MoMA PS1-Innenhof, New York (US) Duration: 29th of June  – August 2017
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