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Campus Ponsan Bellevue, ppa, Toulouse

Interactive Campus: Ponsan Bellevue by ppa architectures

The project consisted in the reorganization of the southern portion of the campus, which ppa architectures have dramatically structured. The campus, building complex and private living unit correspond to three levels of planning. The first is devoted to the grounds; it concentrates on interaction and community among the 600-odd students. Between the two new buildings, there is now a park and an adjoining community centre which accommodates student organizations and activities. A graphic code that serves both orientation as well as internal communication gives the campus an identity.

The two residence halls form the next level. These comprise two L-shaped structures of different heights that encompass a green inner courtyard. One side of each building faces open galleries of exposed concrete. The galleries are spacious and serve not only as access zones, but extend the living area by a communal space where bicycle repairs and coffee sessions can take place al fresco. The remaining façades are clad in a shell of prefabricated panels. These are made of a wooden construction planked with floor-to-ceiling metal elements. Coated completely in white, the texture of the individual pieces, which ranges from matte to satin, creates a diverse appearance. Shutters reflect the residents’ rhythm of life in dynamically changing views. The ground-floor area is set on pilotis, which give it a traversable character that lightens the buildings’ overall sense of massiveness and promotes communal activities.

The final level leads to the life inside the blocks, which house 16-m² apartments where residents cook, work, live and sleep. Each one has a small bathroom; otherwise they are largely undefined. The fittings concept, all white and wood, leaves plenty of room for personalization. It is simple and flexible, easily adaptable to various use scenarios.

Further information: Lead architect: ppa architectures
Associate architects:
scalene and AFA
Furniture designer:
Cost control and construction site supervision:
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