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The Bellhop Hotel in Rotterdam, local, Photo: Joey Van Dongen

Wrapped in the Room: The Bellhop Hotel in Rotterdam

The narrow, brick house stands at the corner of a block in the centre of Rotterdam. On the first upper storey, the oriel window features stained-glass details. On the ground floor, playful steel supports carry the load, yet the charm of a traditional Dutch townhouse has been preserved even after the refurbishment. However, a new wind is blowing inside the Bellhop Hotel. The restaurant on the ground floor is accessed via a separate entrance, but the open kitchen functions as a communal cooking space for overnight guests as well.

In the dining room, the architects have deliberately left exposed the materials found on the wall facing the house next door. Old bricks, plastering and concrete are a small sample of what was uncovered during renovation work. The seating is located on the Cloud: a gallery with a bow-shaped edge. Daylight falls through the generously glazed streetside façade onto the other restaurant seats, which are on the ground level. The gallery floor is covered with cork, a material that appears throughout the house.

In the stairwell, which features white-painted wooden elements such as the handrail and doorframes, vivid colours contrast with dark shades. Local, whose offices are situated in Bergen and Paris, have accommodated 15 hotel rooms for up to four people over the 500 m2 of the townhouse. Inside each room, the colour scheme is limited to a single vibrant accent in the furnishings. The bathrooms are separated from the sleeping areas with walls of blue-tinged frosted glass that creates a cool overall ambience. On the other hand, the sleeping niches envelop guests like a warm blanket. In order to delimit each niche from the rest of the room, the floor beneath the bed is raised; the entire area is clad with cork and bamboo. The result is individual retreats where visitors can wind down after a day in the lively city.

Further Information:

project management: Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard
contributors: Grndpa, Depot Rotterdam, Zondervan architectuur, 3RW arkitekter
bamboo: Moso NL
acoustic insulation sealing: Acosorb NL
cork: Wicanders NL
stainless steel net: X-TEND von CarlStahl
furniture: Louis Poulsen, Vitra, Christien Meindertsma, Mathieu Challieres, Tom Dixon, Chris Kabel, De Vorm

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