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Information Pavilion in Bologna

In Bologna, most urban activities are concentrated in the historical centre, leaving the peripheral areas neglected. In addition, a whole district is cut off by a railway line. To remedy this situation, the city has commissioned various studies and competitions, and the “eBO” pavilion has been created to inform the public about these activities. The exhibition is situ-ated in a disused shopping underpass beneath the Piazza Re Enzo. To attract attention to it, the architects and lighting planners have designed a transparent ground-level pavilion, consisting of two elliptical volumes joined at their tips. At night, the pavilion is transformed into a mysterious illuminated object. The outer skin consists of curved panes of glass with a translucent screen of vertical perspex tubes on the inside. Egg-shaped seating objects allow visitors to view the information in comfort, before descending to the main exhibition area below ground. At the centre of the underpass, the space broadens and is punctuated by a number of white-painted concrete columns that bear the weight of the road above.
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DETAIL 10/2003


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