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Multisport Centre, QUIRÓS PRESA, Spain

Indoor Outdoor: Villacelama Multisport Centre by Quirós Presa

The Villacelama Sports and Multifunctional Pavilion stands on the northwest edge of this small town in northern Spain. One of its transverse façades faces the main road, while the other adjoins the high wall of a court devoted to frontón, a Spanish outdoor game.

The pavilion itself has a rectangular floor plan. For the first 2.40 metres, this rises as a simple plinth area whose longitudinal sides consist of colourful coated glass. The connection between the exterior and interior spaces is fluid. The body of the roof appears to float on this base. Quirós Presa conceived the roof as a light metal construction with the look of corrugated sheeting that juts slightly along its southwest side, thus forming a sheltered entrance. The upper portion of this impressive volume is formed by a striking shed roof that attracts all the attention. Its sawtooth structure allows a lot of daylight to shine through its polycarbonate panes. This benefits not only those using the pavilion, but energy consumption as well. Indeed, the limited need for artificial lighting keeps consumption very low. Whether it is used for leisure activities, sports or local events, the multipurpose hall in Villacelama conveys the feeling of an outdoor experience inside. It has also added an appealing attraction to the small town.

Thanks to the simple building methods, little interference in the landscape was required on the part of the architects. Moreover, these methods kept costs to a mere €275 per square metre.

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