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Photo: INCM Madrid 2016


It is also seen as an opportunity to feature exhibitions and hold conferences that are open to the public; thereby establishing a bridge between the young architects and the citizens and providing the dialog on architecture as well as the planning of their city.

One of the virtues of the EASA network is its ever-changing location. During the INCM, the NCs of the countries who wish to host the upcoming events bid to defend why their venue is better to hold the Summer and Winter editions. The Spanish team won the bidding in last year’s INCM in Glasgow and this autumn (October 1 – 9) the rendezvous will take place in Madrid. What triggered the team’s victory was its innovative theme “Retroactive”. The theme focuses on the retrospective view of Architecture in both the city of Madrid and the organization itself as a starting point to understand and activate the future of this century’s architects. It is a view to the past that allows us to face the future vigorously, renewing the existing architectural value whilst broadening its opportunities. The presentation counts on a video that features four spaces with great architectural and cultural value with strong precedents and whose use has been reactivated, such as Reina Sofía museum, El Matadero, Conde Duque and the MediaLab-Prado. The result is a wink to the ghosts that lie between the walls of such dramatic buildings, that will also be location for the assembly's activities.

INCM Madrid 2016 will  welcome 200 students of Architecture from all Europe during 10 days in the Spanish capital offering the participants lectures, discussions and cultural activities in relation to the RetroActive theme. This year, the INCM organizers have embraced the challenge of creating an ephemeral habitat to host our guests at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). The site will emerge among students, professors and professionals, which makes an idyllic atmosphere to carry out an architectural research project. The habitat consists of a torus-shaped large inflatable tent that will be home to 200 students during the event, creating a unique atmosphere within an innovative project that features fabric and air only. A temporary space of magical and spatial qualities that will be open and presented to the public for the first time the 30th of September 2016.

There have been many INCMs but the official count started in 1991 in Berlin, where the "Lichterfelder statement” –or the EASA guide– was made. This guide is updated at every meeting, and this is how EASA keeps gathering five hundred of the most progressive architecture students and young, talented architects to develop workshops and exchange knowledge in a horizontal and dynamic atmosphere.
Organizers : Hugo Cifre, Margarita Fernandez, Javier Guerra, Alvaro Gomis , Miguel Angel Maure, Raquel Ocon & Oleguer Teixidor

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