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Lahofer Winery, Chybik + Kristof, Znojmo

In Symbiosis with the Landscape: New Guise for Local Wine-Growing Traditions

Located in the heart of vineyards and nestled not far from Znojmo in the south Moravian landscape, Lahofer Winery now combines local time-honoured vinicultural traditions with contemporary architecture. The architects’ design principle was to devise the building as a continuation of the landscape, meaning that the rhythm of the design is set by the rows of vines, whose stark linearity is extended into the interior of the building.

Production halls complete with wine presses, filling stations and stainless steel barrels are organised under a single roof along with administration spaces and the commodious wine shop furnished in light-coloured wood. The production halls, built of precast reinforced concrete parts and located to the rear, are purely functional in design and have no relationship with the surroundings. At the front, the office space and wine-tasting area conjoin to form a spacious interior that makes an almost sacral impression. Pride of place is allotted to the in-house degustation room. 

At the public face of the building a row of 25 concrete arched ribs transect its entire width, each one in continuation, as it were, of a row of vines and rising up to the highest point in the interior, the apex of the vaulted space, before descending back down to the floor in symmetry with the rest. Here visitors to the vinotheque can try wines while looking out onto the vineyards. The company’s open-plan and airy office spaces, divided off by large expanses of glazing, adjoin this area. 

The ceiling is embellished with abstract lines painted by the Czech artist Patrik Hábl in earthy red, brown and beige hues that recall both prehistoric cave paintings and the colours of the soil in which the grapevines grow.

The stepped curves of the roof form a shallowly terraced outdoor amphitheatre. This serves not only as a spacious viewing platform for visitors to look over the gently rolling hills of the south Moravian landscape but also a place for Lahofer to hold various cultural events such as concerts and open-air movie screenings – thus making the contoured structure of the undulating roof elements part of the landscape. 

Lahofer Winery opened its new building in 2020 on the occasion of the Znojmo Summer of Culture.

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