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Competence Centre, B. Braun, Neugebauer + Rösch Architekten

Impressive and Functional: The B. Braun Competence Centre

The parcel of land, which is accessed from the northwest, lies west of Dresden. It is divided into three strips: the parking lot, the undeveloped interstitial area and the main building. The competence centre itself is a low building with exterior dimensions of 145 x 60 m. It is based on a hybrid construction consisting of a steel frame and both in-situ and prefab concrete elements; the entire construction follows a strict grid measuring 2,4 m. The façade that faces the middle of the building site is completely glazed, recessed beneath the roof and spans an entrance that is lined with delicate supports and thus sheltered from the weather.

When visitors enter the B. Braun competence centre, they step into a spacious foyer. Thanks to its open gallery, this encompasses parts of both storeys of the building; its ceiling-high glass façade makes it a bright, welcoming space. The functional design, which features straight lines, is interrupted by a playful, slightly turned stairway.

The next areas of this corporate building are administrative offices and communal spaces. Rooms devoted to logistics and production - the heart of the filter factory - round out the spatial program. Patios and atria allow extensive light in from overhead and provide a pleasant working atmosphere. The material palette accentuates the building’s clear, functional character and conveys a sense of elegance and quality. Exposed concrete dominates here, while glass and metal complete the reduced design.

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