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Housing Development in Ingolstadt

This publicly funded model housing scheme is situated in the interior of a street block in the historical town centre. Social considerations played a major role in the brief. A concept of “integrated living” was implemented for different social groups, including the elderly, disabled persons, single parents, large families, etc. The planning had to be flexible and avoid the creation of barriers. A broad central access route on every floor forms the spine of the development and provides ample scope for communication. Adjoining these strips are community spaces, terraced areas, access balconies and a lift for disabled persons, which ensures a direct link with all dwellings and the basement garage. The narrow, east-west-oriented flats enable less mobile residents to experience the daily cycle from sunrise to sunset. The dwelling layouts are divided by lightweight partitions. These can easily be moved to accommodate future changes of uses. The access balconies, each serving not more than two flats, can also be used as outdoor sitting areas.
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