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Home Made

Honourable mention DETAIL inside 2016: Home Made, Vienna, Austria – Caramel architekten, Vienna

Caramel architekten write about their project: Individual private spheres were created for 280 refugees in a temporarily empty open-plan office building with material costs of €50 and 50 minutes of set-up time per person. A prototypical room structure was developed using inexpensive, ready-to-use products; umbrellas, building site fence supports, plastic water pipes, curtain fabric, cable connectors, clamp-on lights and extension sockets.

The cooperation allowed conversion of the space from a mass sleeping area into individual accommodations for the respective user constellations. This provided an initial personal place of retreat for the inhabitants after months of fleeing. They were able to choose the floor plan of their own living environment, to create an individual light atmosphere with their own clamp-on light and by shielding the office lights and even had their own media connection. Individual furnishing was made possible by sewing on cloth bags and patterns to the curtains and by attaching boxes and pots to the umbrella stands. They were allowed to take the textile furnishings with them when they moved. When the space is no longer needed for living accommodations the owner will be able lease the office building again, since the furnishings necessitated no modifications to the existing building.
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