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Auditorium of the University of Bamberg

Honourable mention DETAIL inside 2016: Auditorium of the University of Bamberg, Germany – Deubzer König + Rimmel Architekten, Munich

Deubzer König + Rimmel Architekten write about their project: The interior of the historic Dominican church is used as an assembly hall by the University of Bamberg. For the renovation the free-standing wood wool panels installed in the 80s in the nave and choir, as well as a gallery in the southern part of the nave were restored. The acoustic installations in the nave of the church were replaced by a free-standing and movable course of walls, which picks up the trail of the historic rood screen that was positioned between the nave and the choir up until the year 1650. This course fulfils all technical requirements for the current use: optimised acoustics, glare protection in the upper third of the longitudinal walls and flexible use of the room for presentations, banquets and exams. The recessed positioning of the 3.5 m wide and 8 m high steel wings creates a spatial impression of a “cella”, an inner chamber. The historic sacred room is now recognisable as an exposed shell. The room is completely white. This does not apply to the existing wall frescoes and fragments as well as the church windows, which receive a suitable design focus. The vestry contains the wardrobe and the course of rooms south of the cloister serves as a maintenance wing. The entrance is through the exposed former Dominican chapel. The transparent foyer provides a view into the interior of the structure in the rural space of Bamberg.
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Prof. Hannelore Deubzer, Prof. Maximilian Rimmel, Senada Limani, Jan Pietraszewski, Michael Schick

Henning Köpke, Munich
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