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Grundschule, Lebbeke, Compagnie O

Behind High Walls: Primary School in Lebbeke

At first glance, not much can be seen of the new primary school designed by Compagnie-O in the small Belgian city of Lebbeke. A two-storey steel skeleton filled with white-painted bricks extends along the main road. Occasionally, paled gates interrupt the closed-off wall. A buffer zone around 4.5 metres wide separates the blind façade from the actual schoolhouse, which is open on all sides and accommodates 450 pupils aged three to twelve. Inside the school, the constructive principle continues in a slightly modified form. The white-lacquered steel skeleton forms the basic structure of the building which is visible everywhere and bears the ceilings of in-situ concrete. The interstitial spaces have been filled with masonry or set-in, load-bearing walls of metal. The supporting structure is particularly striking in the central gymnasium, which acts as a cafeteria at lunchtime. In this area, a girder grid spans 20 metres without additional support.

The outward-facing classrooms and offices let daylight in via extensive glazing, sections of which can opened only on the ground floor. the closed façade surfaces are clad with ceramic tiles, fibre-cement shingles or suspended trapezoidal sheeting in aluminum. The sheeting conceals ventilation flaps for the rooms on the upper level. From the second storey, a steel bridge leads over a stream to the spacious, park-like schoolgrounds. Because the building’s proximity to the water puts it at risk of periodical flooding, the ground-level floor had to be raised 80 cm above the surrounding area. A huge rainwater retention basin measuring 40 x 50 x 0.8 m has been integrated into the plinth beneath the floor.

Kurze Werbepause

Further information:

TGA planning: Abetec NV, Zele
General contractor: TV Jan de Nul Group, Van Laere

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