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Music academy, Camerino, Alvisi Kirimoto, Harcome

Like Passing Clouds: Music Academy in Camerino

Camerino, a small, historical university town in the Marche region, has hosted a music festival featuring international artistes since 1987, but in 2016 the music academy fell victim to a devastating earthquake.

In the gentle hills of the Marche, a white box-like volume took up residence in October 2020, close to a housing area a short way from town. Its surface of white, perforated metal panels recalls passing clouds, creating an almost irreal impression that stands in contrasts to the building’s clearly defined geometry. A two-storey reinforced concrete frame structure is located behind the façade of the rectangular volume. On the north side, where the entrance is situated, the upper storey alone rises from the earth. In the south, the façade ends some 3 metres above ground level to reveal the glazed front of the 226-square-metre auditorium for an audience of 180.  

The ceiling and walls in the auditorium are lined in oak and the concrete surfaces of the structural frame are painted a pale grey. The performers enter the stage from behind a see-through slatted wall, which being in a concert hall, brings organ pipes to mind. The glass wall adjoining the foyer at the rear ensures a sense of spaciousness. The staircase steps and walls have a bright orange coating, with the vibrant colouration continuing on the floor to the doors.

Over 160 students are instructed at the Accademia della Musica, which has nine tuition rooms altogether, whereby the two larger ones are equipped for sound recording and electronic music lessons. The academy is open all year round, and along with providing music tuition also hosts conferences and workshops.

The façade makes an absolutely captivating impression at dusk, when light from the circular windows of the tuition and office rooms shines through the perforated metal panels, like a row of planets glimpsed behind passing clouds.

Further information:

Akoustic planning: Tan Acousitcs
TGA and fire safety planning: Serpilli Engineering
Contrcting business: Giovanni Barigelli

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