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Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park, SWA/Balsley, Weiss/Manfredi
, New York

Green Meets Grey: Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park in New York

The park lies directly on the East River, with panoramic views of Manhattan. It develops along the riverbank in the form of a diverse landscape that extends to the southern spit known as Hunter’s Point. As its name suggests, the park also provides flood control. A planted wetland and floodplain measuring around 6,000 m² serves to protect the land from erosion, improve water quality and offer a home for wildlife.

Many walking paths crisscross the park, leading through a diverse planted topography. Strategic access points are connected and lie like a dynamic net over the recreation space. While in some places, the path makes a slight zigzag through Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park, a continuous trail meanders through the grounds on the slight embankment.

Landscaping features such as stairways and terraces are found throughout the park. Seats that invite visitors to linger a while line the paths, as do areas for sports as well as playgrounds. A jutting viewing platform of steel offers the opportunity for park-goers to rest their eyes on the view over Manhattan.

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