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Gigon/Guyer, Schule, Paris, École CentraleSupélec

Gigon/Guyer Have Added to the École CentraleSupélec in Paris-Saclay

On the grounds of the Paris-Saclay research campus, the Francis Bouygoues Building has been added to the École CentraleSupélec. Between OMA’s Lab City, which lies just to the north, and the existing Louis C. Breguet university to the west, the new structure acts as a link within the trio.

Gigon/Guyer designed an imposing building that is recessed at three corners and emphasizes its connection to nature. Entrances lined with high columns characterize the exterior view, as do enamelled ceramic panels. These panels are either smooth or profiled; their colour scheme reflects the diverse areas of study found inside. The appearance of the modules varies according to the time of day and fall of light, giving the Francis Bouygoues Building an ever-changing look.

The internal organization of the building develops around the three departments. These are arranged in clusters both connected and interwoven in a nearly topographical structure of streets, lanes, plateaus and plazas. The access points are situated at each of the recessed building corners. The northwest side accommodates spaces for many different activities, the gymnasium, restaurant and cafeteria. Furthermore, the heart of the university - the great hall - is found here. It encompasses all the programs of study and research wings that are distributed over three stories, is supported by high columns and includes communal zones for work and recreation. A central, planted inner courtyard, along with glazed roof sections, create a bright, light-flooded atmosphere. The spatial program is rounded out by areas for teaching, research and administration, which Gigon/Guyer have positioned along the north façade, as well as a hotel, which forms the intersection to the western wing of the Francis Bouygoues Building with its laboratories and offices.

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