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Floor Covering for Psychiatric Facility by nora systems

Among other things, higher safety, cleaning and health-promoting aspects are relevant here. The clinic operator Vitos decided to use rubber floors from Nora Systems through­out the group as a standardised solution. The floor material offers advantages with respect to fireproof properties and the fact that it contains no PVC or halogens, such as chlorine. In the case of fire, there is no risk of toxic, halogenated dioxins and furans. One of the reasons why this is so important is that it is not always possible to prohibit smoking in psychiatric clinics. Not to mention the high durability of the material, which is important especially in the case of vandalism in connection with forced confinement. The rubber surface is extremely compact, and damage can be repaired by the use of pads. The closed surface, which is free of coatings, is also easy to clean. Regular polishing improves the appearance. Also, the floors are free of plasticisers and have low-emission properties, which provides for good air quality and ensures a health-promoting clinic environment.
Nora Systems, Bathrooms, Sanitary facilities, clinic, rubber floors

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