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Solarlux, Room extension, facade glazing, facade

Flat-roofed Room Extension

The new Avalis room concept from Solarlux consists of a thermally-insulated flat-roof solution that can be combined with various glazing and shading systems from the manufacturer. The prefabricated system is based on a custom-made, at least five-layer glued, vapour ­diffusion-tight wooden construction. Sealing, insulation, shading and ventilation are configurable and taken care of by the system. Avalis is available with a roof overhang with a sloping edge and narrow face width, and also as a straight version into which ­a shading system can be integrated. Skylights can optionally be installed. Solar protection is provided by an underglass ­awning in combination with solar ­protection glass or a roof-mounted awning. The transparent substructure can consist of glass folding-walls from Solarlux or the manufacturer’s Cero ­sliding window, for example, and can be supplemented with ­vertical awnings.

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Solarlux, Room extension, facade glazing, facade

Photo: Solarlux

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